"We’ve created a team of entrepreneurial managers: 
     >  They are self managed, self motivated, persistent, tenacious.
     >  They have an entrepreneurial spirit, taking full ownership of their sales territory, 
         their piece of the business.
     >  They become a leader among their peers and can mentor others to do the same."

                                     - Tony D. Sales Manager

​"A company I can believe in, I understand the vision clearly now, I know I am appreciated

and I know the money will follow."

                                    - Marc P. Sales Rep

​"I am rewarded for my hard work, we are able to make a good living as sales reps, and we have a clear

compensation plan.  

     >  Because I put forth great effort I am well rewarded financially
     >  The company culture is sales team success orientate
     >  Sales goals and targets are based in logic and are easy to explain, it’s not pulled out of thin air"

                                     - Lou P. Sales Rep

By filling out the form bellow, you will be contacted by Margarita Martin to set up a Complimentary Discovery Session.

Our aim in the Discovery Session is NOT to sell you anything or fit you into pre configured package or program.  In fact Margarita will be armed with a notebook and a pen.  Her aim in your meeting is to gain clarity, to learn as  much as you are willing to share about your company, your goals, expectations and what has been done in the past.  What has worked and what hasn't worked.  Answers to these and a few more questions will help us Custom Create a Rock Star Leadership Training Program that is ideal for you and your company.


​"Wow, I really enjoyed your 1st class in the Rock Stars Leadership series!!!  You really know how to present the information in a way that makes it fun to learn and appreciate!"    

~ Renee

Through our coaching and training programs we help corporate teams professionally develop their team members producing the best and brightest people who are dynamic and proactive; where everyone plays like a championship team.  Now we hear our team members saying things like this:


Does your team struggle with seemingly un-coachable team members?  

Do you have team members that toss phrases around like, "it's just a job" and "I'm just putting one foot in front of the other?"

Is a sense of loyalty to your company, to the team, to one another, lacking?

Are they missing deadlines, dropping the ball with customer service or missing the point completely, costing your company time and money?

How we do what we do:

​Each corporation, team and situation is unique and requires a custom, tailored fit approach for the best and highest returns from your investment. What works best for one corporate team may not be the best approach of another.

Are you looking to work with a small group of your Director Level Leadership?  Are you looking to work with a middle management team?  Perhaps you're looking to raise up leaders from throughout your organization.

Regardless of number of employees you're looking to work with, even the smallest investments can generate new value and create exciting opportunities for the future.  Let's get started!


Reenergize Your Team and Replace Potential with Performance