The Innovative, New Way To Unite Your Team

Team Building Using Fun, Engaging Tool

The Leadership Game is a board game that allows everyone to gather round the table. It is the best team-building tool . . . ever!

Open Sharing and Communication

Every question and discussion card is designed to trigger open, honest feedback.

Leadership Skills Assessment

The Game challenges your team members to embrace who they are as leaders.

Stronger Relationships

By the end of the Game, team members will learn to appreciate one another and forge stronger relationships - a winning edge for any business!

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"Margarita Martin, of Martin Squared, Coaching & Consulting, gave our incoming Board of Directors a chance to really get a head start on improving their leadership skills, and helped them identify and face the association's upcoming challenges, so they can "Rock On" in the coming year! Thanks so much for bringing your infectious energy and insight, Margarita!!!"

-Marisol Espinoza, EPCAR Association Executive

"I had the privilege of playing the Leadership game twice in the last year. Two things learned are that we are leaders in every aspect of life. Others are always watching. The other is that what others see in us may not be what we see. I felt inspired, encouraged and empowered to be more."   
-Nancy King, Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Going into this game I did not know what to expect, but as it turns out I was super impressed with it and can't wait to play it again. This game helped our team recognize our personal strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly it helped us get to know each other on a higher personal level. We even had some of our members walk out of the game feeling like they needed to invest more in their education and themselves to grow as individuals. Overall, I would say it was a great game!"
-Ricardo Benavides, Broker and Owner of Big Realty

"This is a great leadership tool which helps you identify your team’s strong points and where you can use them to make your team stronger. It also teaches you to identify improvements, so you can reach higher.  All this, while having fun!”

-Leadership Game participant in Romania with John Maxwell Team Member, Marius Darie

This game is like no other leadership tool you have ever experienced before.  This game is a comprehensive resource based on the teachings of leadership expert, John C. Maxwell that will help you and guide you become the best leader you can be!  I am glad we’re connected because this game is only available to you through a John Maxwell Team member.