It's a New Day. What's Your Plan?

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Makes a Great Luncheon Presentation!

We all have a gift or purpose. Our role is to discover, develop and deploy that gift. And to optimize the gift you must be well. In the book I offer 17 mental exercises to create a plan for your life. To know your purpose and why its important. To create a vision that guides career choices, family decisions, and more. Ultimately, you will have a plan that when executed,, will not only affect you, but also the greater good.  

Be well. Do good.

Expect to Learn:
What success looks like and how you'll know when you see it.
How powerful it is to discover your purpose, create a vision and connect the two with an actionable plan.
Why you need to master characteristics such as discipline, perseverance and relationship. As well as humility

Numerous presentations have been built around one or more concepts in the book as well as a full-day workshop. You Can. Let's GO!

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FEES. All fees are negotiated based on topic, size of venue, travel and timing. As a reference point, on average, a 30- to 50-minute presentation followed by 5 to 10 min. Q & A is $3,500 plus expenses . Tim is a certified speaker and coach and is part of the John Maxwell Team.

Written to show people while getting or remaining fit is not necessarily easy, it is simple
; The book reports 50 truths that are pithy, memorable and meaningful. Not factoids, they're Fitoids. Roughly 15 on nutrition, about the same on fitness and the remaining on what it takes to DECIDE to be Happy!

The material converts well to a high energy talk or presentation. And what better time than the beginning of a NEW Year.

Tim has two areas of excellence supported by education and experience, and delivered with a splash of enthusiasm: Wellness & Leadership. Whether luncheon, keynote, seminar or workshop Tim will certainly add value to your event and each individual who participates.

Want to play a role in helping write my next book?Should be published in Q4 of 2017. The working title is "God Is On the Loose." 100 Micro Stories to Remind Us of the God We Forget." Share your story of Crisis, Faith and Victory. The stories, scripture and action are  to inspire, remind and prepare you for crises that are inevitable, in this life. For more details, updates and a place to write your story go to