Well known for her engaging personality, fierce determination and high energy, Margarita has created a unique brand that many expect to quickly make a mark in the coaching industry. Whether one is trying 
to get their career moving again, to raise the level of teamwork in their organization, or as an entrepreneur looking for that boost, Margarita is that coach. Rock On, Rock Star!! 

Margarita is co-founder of Martin Squared, a John Maxwell Team certified Leadership Development Coach, Trainer & Speaker and a Coaches Console certified Bootcamp Momentum Coach. She helps small businesses, universities, professional practices, financial institutions, associations and all sorts of teams to optimize their output. On completion of their custom program these entities and their teams hit more ​of their personal and team goals and are in a position to create and 

Meet Margarita


"Wow, I really enjoyed your 1st class in the Rock Stars Leadership series!!!  You really know how to present the information in a way that makes it fun to learn and appreciate!"     - Renee

What to Expect

Margarita is an experienced Sales Professional twice selected rep of the year for a Fortune 500 company. And that was her first two years! Most insiders expected a third, but she surprised everyone to take a shot at being a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Apparently, it worked, she now has four young children while having had a very successful run with a network marketing enterprise as well as creating her own line of all natural body care products.  


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implement new ideas.  She calls them Rock Star Leaders in the making!  ​

. . . he (Tm) is impressive physically and spiritually. He is making an impact for Christ on his wife, kids, myself and many others. He's the real deal.

From “Rock On!” to “You Can. Let’s Go!”. . . these are personal mantras of two professionals who are all about vision, leadership and growth. Their mantras are more than words, they’re rally cries of motivation supported by the power of insight, creativity and strategic planning. Margarita (Rock On!) and Tim (Let’s Go!) are experts on leadership and both are certified speakers, trainers and coaches and members of the John Maxwell Team. Whether a corporation, small business or an individual, if you’re looking for positive change, you're in the right place.

In addition to his creativity, strong leadership and work ethic Tim is a man of real moral character, I highly recommend him.


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