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Many coaches, trainers and speakers can certainly talk the talk, but the really good ones, the effective ones, walk the walk. Tim has trained for 33 consecutive years with an average awful close to six days a week. All photos to the right were shot in his fifties with the bottom left shot October, 2016 (turns 56 January, 2017). Want more proof - hit the video links in the center column under "Tale of the Tape."

Health Optimized is for those ready and past ready to make a commitment to better health. This exciting NEW program begins with a thorough assessment and conversation, followed by a scheduled kitchen discovery (more on that later), a grocery store excursion, and more conversation. Ultimately, I, Master Trainer Tim Martin will personally write your progressive, customized fitness and nutrition plan. Then a bit more conversation.

This program includes resistance training and multiple forms of cardio to be performed 2 to 6 days a week, of which I will be with you two of those sessions. You will be well coached on technique, motivated to perform at the highest level and learn some wellness secrets that could improve your life for years to come.

If you're too far from our home gym in the historic downtown of Winter Haven, FL, located about half way between Tampa and Orlando, about an hour from each, we offer an awesome virtual program. We love technology - from Face Time, Skype, smart phone aps, YouTube and social media. Plus, we'll have a live 30 minute video conversation each week regarding results, forward planning, motivation and questions and answers. By the way, you'll also have access to my webinars; my blog, Simple Truths, to Lose Weight, Gain Strength and be Happy!; and, first to receive information on my books and seminars.

Whether in person or virtual, with on-going assessments, coaching and continually tweaking and progressing the plan, positive change is simply inevitable. I also recommends purchasing a heart rate monitor; FitBit, Apple Watch, or other wrist device that has the ability to track heart rate so as to ensure the best results. This is your time! You Can. Let's GO!

Life Maximized is not about success or wealth. It's not a class where you are taught. Nor is it training where someone is sharing their expertise. This is about you achieving clarity about who you are, what your purpose is, how you cast a compelling vision and where or when it can be accomplished. Now the twist. I don't have the answers, but you do!

Our time together is an alliance to help you learn by me asking the right questions at the right time. My role is to make you think, and then think again, to plan and to execute. With your permission I will suggest options that could be discussed or thought through. The goal is to keep moving, to keep discovering and to begin making commitments and taking decisive, intentional action.

It's time to become intentional with every moment. No matter why you chose to begin the process; whether you're unhappy with your decisions thus far, find yourself in transition due to age or divorce, or are between jobs, just starting your career or looking for a second, together the answers will come. You'll discover your purpose, articulate a compelling vision, define the goals to get you there and take your first step on your new journey - I'll help guide the way. We'll meet every other week for 50 minutes via phone, Skype or Face Time. And yes there is homework. You Can. Let's GO!

OptiMax Complete is simply for those who want to OPTIMIZE their health and to MAXIMIZE their life. It is also our most recommended and the one that provides the most profound results given the combined mind, body, spirit focus and attention. You get everything in both the Health Optimized and Life Maximized programs. And the results you're looking for. You Can. Let's GO!




Tim Martin, MBA, MA Exercise Science, CSCS, CPT, PES, Precision Nutrition Certification

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The BOOM! Coaching Package is either a 24 or 48 week commitment. It includes a thorough assessment and may require a physicians approval. Following the assessment Tim, Master Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach, writes your unique plan based on the assessment process and the goals you have set

The secret is constant monitoring and assessment and knowing what to change, to what, and when. While you will train without Tim literally at your side, he will recommend you use a FitBit, Apple Watch or similar device that will connect the two of you electronically. Knowing your heart rate throughout the workout is critical and these devices make that possible. He will be watching.

He will also assist with your nutrition. He has an app for that. You will also have a regularly scheduled weekly call at a time you choose among his open times of availability right here on this site (client log in). That call will be :50 minutes. The specifics of your wellness will be discussed in each call along with the other life or business strategies you are working on.

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BOOM! Wellness.

For Those Who Want to OPTIMIZE Their Health While  MAXIMIZING Their Life!

The BOOM! Wellness program is a holistic approach to refocusing on your life's purpose. Together, we'll create actionable strategies to maximize your talents, time and energies while undertaking a customized wellness plan to optimize your health. The idea is to give life all that you have and to enjoy its blessings as long as you can.

Do You Need This Program? Not sure.Then take the wheel. That is download your


The John Maxwell Team Wheel of Life exercise. Come on, I guarantee these next 5 to 10 minuets will be of the highest value of your entire week.


The wheel is an assessment tool to help you check-in on your current state of life balance contrasting eight key areas of your life. After completing the brief exercise, most people say something along the line of, "a real eye opener," "ouch!," or "OMG." Now, it's your turn. Don't wait.

**With the Optimized Health portion of this program being virtual, the total price for OptiMax (virtual) is as follows: 

12 weeks, $1995; 24 weeks, $3,495; 48 weeks, $8,495

The solution begins with you. It begins with your desire to be lighter – your desire to be stronger. And the courage to believe you, yes you, can become your ideal image. You don’t need a sculptor. And put down the checkbook, you don’t need a plastic surgeon. You don’t even need a trainer.

All you need are these easy to follow Fitoids – simple truths to lose weight, gain strength and be happy. You’ll find they are as timeless and sound as our marble, six-pack-sporting friends. And once the Fitoids become habits, you’ll find maintaining your new physique and improved state of health is as easy as standing in the park, but without the risk of pigeon poop.

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* The virtual option is 50% less for each option: 12 weeks, $450; 24 weeks, $900; and 48 weeks $1800

3 Plans to Choose From!


You don’t have to look like a chiseled Greek statue to be fit. But, there’s a reason Greek statues look, well – chiseled. Starving artists and sculptors, who understood the body, were sort of the plastic surgeons of the day. The wealthy would pay them to create an “ideal” image of them. And the lean, hypertrophied body was seen as the ideal of human perfection.

The good news is we are not looking for perfection. Nor are we looking for sculptors or plastic surgeons. We’re looking for improvement toward ideal health. The question is, “How do you chip away toward success, without a daily grind that feels like your being beaten with a ten-pound hammer and a blunt chisel?”