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Margarita is a breath of fresh air that makes me think outside the box. Great program!

We develop team members producing the best and brightest people who are dynamic and proactive; where everyone plays like a championship team.  


Discovery Session

We help build a stronger, more resourceful, accountable, responsible, self-empowered, and confident you. This is not a crutch upon which you walk; it’s a platform from which you SOAR.” 





Make next year your best year! It's time to discover your gift and set the course  for the life "you" want. Purposely Fit is a Martin Squared coaching program exclusively for those who desire to optimize their health to maximize their life purpose. From seeking weight loss, to a continuing battle with disease, to executives, who demand expertise, Purposely Fit! delivers success. You Can. Let's Go!

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Discovery Session and Learn How You Can Get Results!

Is your team underperforming, missing opportunities and deadlines?Are they struggling with seemly un-coachable members and feeling like "it's just a job?" All of which cost you time and money.

Our FREE Gift to you, Optimize Your Teams Performance is a great place to start finding the answers you are looking for.  Discover how to change the trajectory of your team.

Get started today with our FREE 5 part video training "Optimizing Your Team Performance."


can see your team is unequipped to face or will test their week points?  Transforming a so-so team into a laser focused team is a process and it begins with dpLeadership Professional Development Training.

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Amazing! Margarita made my day and gave me the drive to want to take my leadership learning to the next level personal and professionally!!!


Whoever said, "People will not remember what you said - only how you made them feel." Must have had met Margarita. Great first class!




New Year, 
New You!

"Margarita is a gifted trainer and coach that just happens to be a natural motivator."

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Margarita has an infectious attitude. One that encourages the listener to take action!


So many good books, so little time. But before the new year squeeze in time for "Put Your Dream to the Test" by John Maxwell.

Are you pouring into and building up your employees? Or are you coming up too short?

In the next 6 months what challenges can you forecast that you 

Often times, we need more information to make an educated decision.  Let's do just that, book your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session by clicking on the link below.